IMPACT 2014 – VCU Fashion Preview

This week Julia and I were so pleased to be invited to the VCU Fashion Department’s 3rd annual fashion show preview.  The event was held at the gorgeous Scott House at VCU and we were greeted by a dozen or so excited VCU Fashion students as well as Interim Chair, Donna Reamy, Kim Guthrie, Asst. Chair and our friend Deidra Arrington, Professor of Fashion Merchandising.

The theme of the show this year is IMPACT, which allows the students to define what kind of impact their designs will have on the audience and what kind of impact they, themselves, will have on their community.

We saw some pretty amazing pieces from 5 senior design students. First was Brittany Golding with her urban sportswear. She used tribal prints, quilted leather and made a very cool convertible skirt that goes from office to party in seconds.  Tyler O’Neal showed us his futuristic day looks.  One made of wool suiting  in a sunshine yellow with a diamond quilt pattern, the other including gorgeous hammered satin trouser shorts.   Next was Aleshia Greene, whose urban casual dresswear leaned to the masculine side with broad shoulders and leather details, but still kept it feminine with body hugging spandex all around.  Noela Tian presented two gorgeous looks inspired by Japanese design and calligraphy. Her flowing sleeves and pants included magnet fasteners that allowed sleeves to convert to scarves in a flash. Lastly was Margaret Arlow who was the only designer to show menswear.  She showed her  custom jeans with amazing pocket details and her own leather stamped label, and a fantastic leather jacket with handmade clasps with a soft cotton henley as a base.  Her construction and tailoring were so high quality, that her looks were more reminiscent of Barney’s men’s department than a student fashion show.

Seniors Jessica Decker, Director of the show and Amber Nichols , Asst. Director are planning an amazing show, held again at the VMFA on May 4th at 8PM. Tickets go on sale April 1st and don’t wait, this show will sell out fast!  You can purchase tickets online at

Take a peek below to see  some shots from the preview! Congratulations to all the VCU students involved in putting together what promises to be a great night.

L1070455                                                    Seniors Jessica Decker and Amber Nichols reveal the new poster for #vcuimpact2014


L1070429                                           Modelogic Booker Julia Rabin with Professor Deidra Arrington and former Modelogic in

and VCU student Sidney Shuman



Gifts for the attendees , gotta love a VCU mug! I’m building quite the collection!

L1070432                                                            Kim Guthrie talks about whats next for the VCU Fashion Department



Presentation begins with Brittany Goldings convertible skirt and striped  burnout top


L1070447                                                                            Tyler O’Neal discusses his inspiration for his day looks

L1070469                                                  Detail of O’Neals beautiful quilting work and opalescent appliqué piece



L1070473L1070472                                                Love this asymmetrical  hem on Aleshia Greene’s leather vest! Beautiful craftsmanship.



L1070480                                                                                                 Noela Tian with her two models

L1070479                                                           The Japanese influence is evident in this gorgeous crop top and pant



L1070481                                            Maggie Arlow is one to watch with her fantastic menswear designs .  Great attention to detail

superior craftsmanship and classic, american design.

L1070460                                                                                  I don’t care if they are men’s , I want these jeans 🙂




L1070458                                                 Thats Modelogic cutie pie Matt Mitchell enjoying all the attention .. Come to think of it, I

take the jacket too…

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  2. […] that were to die for (see detail below) and more of the  amazing menswear line previewed earlier here  by senior Margaret Arlow who showed her well crafted denim and leather separates. Sheer was the […]

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