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Sneaky Peeky

Here are sneak peeks  from 2 new tests we are posting soon..  First, Amy & Kim, our fabulous “Scouted” girls  by Luis Aragon, Hair and Makeup by Kathy Aragon, and then the lovely Georgia rocking a very different look for her… Check back with us soon to see the full tests. We are VERY excited for these!

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Ashley I Update

Loving these fresh, new shots of lovely Ashley I. Based out of DC and NY , Ashley is building a nice career for herself and is always such a doll to work with .. and my twitter pal… 😉
She is looking gorgeous as ever!!!

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Happy Holidays !

From all of us at Modelogic [Wilhelmina]… we wish you  a wonderful Holiday Season and  a happy New Year.

Scouted on E! Mervine Pics

Still waiting to get my hands on the full test Amy and Kim did on their Scouted adventure, but here are two that were used in the show Monday night.

The eyes on these girls…. crazy!

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The Mervine Twins

Hope you all enjoyed the last episode of E!  I was seeing it for the first time too ( no sneak previews for the scouts )  and I thought it was a great, juicy episode.

Amy, Kim, Ma and I had a great time in NY and it was  a great experience for all.  They had never been to NYC before (or on a plane for that matter) and were blown away by the city. Meeting the team from The Scouting Company can be a scary thing, but the girls handled themselves beautifully with that Virginia charm.   Regardless of the show and all the drama, those two girls adore each other and both have huge hearts.  Sweetest girls ever.

Amy will be traveling to Europe this summer for some portfolio building and then will  go back to NY for agency placement, and Kim is meeting with me this week to discuss her future in this business. We have already had calls today from other NY agencies asking about the twins.  I look forward to a long, successful relationship with them both.

Shots below from  a beauty test with the wonderful  Tony Veloz.

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Richmond Bride with E!’s Scouted Mervine Twins

Just a quick reposting of the Mervine Twins Richmond Bride post… As many of you know, the girls were featured on Scouted on E! last night and looked gorgeous!  What a nice surprise at the end of the episode that they showed some of the images from this editorial .  I will have more thoughts on the episode later in day, but for now….


I had the pleasure of working with photographer Todd Wright on the new Richmond Bride.  The models, Amy and Kim Mervine, are new to us at MW.  We found Amy first, only to find out she has a gorgeous twin sister. Both girls were interested in modeling and  all of it unfolded  with the cameras rolling as E! followed their  story of being “scouted”  Here are the beautiful shots from the magazine, out today. Be sure to look for the girls and hear their story mid season on Scouted.  Special thanks to Warrington, who provides some very nice arm candy for the ladies 🙂


Thats what new face  Alex S.  has… clearly.  Ladies, your welcome.

Nerry for Luckstone

Check out the new splash page for the Charles Luck website with our own Nerry L.. Shot by Todd Wright at the amazing Rice House on the James River.

Love the vintage feel to it!  Styling by Neely Spruill, Hair and Makeup by our good friend Victoria Stiles…. sexy.

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Kelane by Veloz

I just saw these gorgeous beauty shots of our girl Kelane by Tony Veloz and I LOVE them! The makeup , by DC artist Kim Reyes, is nothing short of spectacular.  It’s artists like Tony and Kim that make secondary market agencies look good and allow us to compete in bigger markets. Much thanks to both of them.. Now, feast your eyes!


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Scouted Episode #3… Do you agree?

On Scouted last night the two girls sent to NY were VERY different!  Amber was a newbie, and editorial for sure, not classically pretty but edgier .  Nicole was older but a more classic beauty with all american good looks and amazing body.  In the end, Amber was signed and Nicole was turned away. Fans took to twitter and most people were stunned at the decision.  Just goes to show you that its not always the conventional beauty that gets signed!  What did you think of Scott Lipps decision ?




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