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Scouting Efforts – Vivian

About a month ago, when the crew from “Scouted” was here filming, I was driving to work and saw this tall, beautiful girl walking up Marshall Street in Church Hill.  I normally don’t pull over to hand out my card,  but I was in full Scout mode with the crew here and all .  This lovely girl walks up to my window and all I could think was.. “Ah ! Where are the TV cameras when you need them!”  Perfect scouting moment: Girl on street, tall, beautiful and interested in modeling!   Cameras or no cameras, she did come in and meet with me, and this weekend shot her first test with Glenford Nunez in Baltimore.  He did and amazing job with her and she looks fantastic, especially for a first test!  Expect to see more of Vivian as we develop her into a great model!

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Neenah Papers & Modelogic

Last month Neenah Papers launched a new design package for their Classic Papers. The redesign was done by the incredible team at Design Army and can be seen here.
Cade Martin shot the project so beautifully and we were thrilled they called us to supply the talent. We always know that when Design Army and Cade Martin are involved, the results will be amazing. Take a look at the behind the scenes video here!

Models: Julia N. Maxwell R. Stephen F. Enjoy!

Model of the Moment – Abbey S.

Every so often I’m going to feature a model who we love to work with . Whether it’s because they are amazingly beautiful, inside and out, or because they achieve a new goal, or just because they are long-time, loyal talent. Abbey is one of those girls. I have had the pleasure of repping Abbey since she was 9 (! crazy !) and we are still going strong. We have booked her on all types of jobs, both locally and nationally, and even sent her to Asia for some book building. Although she has recently moved up to NYC we are still working together and just today she was offered a contract with an agency in South Africa to begin in January. We think she has just the right mix of sugar and spice for that market. So while we are all freezing here, think of Abbey soaking up the South African sun… and hopefully booking a ton a of jobs too!


….And The Promos Begin!

E! Released the first :30 commercial for the show Scouted today. It’s getting more real everyday!


Our Little River City Goes Hollywood

About 2 months ago I got a call from Michael Flutie’s Office about my participation in a new reality series he is executive producing for E! called “Scouted” For those of you who don’t know, Michael is a top notch, veteran agent who has discovered and managed too many superstars to count. After much thought about all that could go wrong and right, with cameras following me around for a month, I decided to take a leap of faith and do the show.
The reality series will follow 4 scouts all over the country, including Modelogic Wilhelmina in Richmond, as we find, develop, and bring girls to New York.
Scouted will premiere on E! , Nov. 28th at 10PM . Tune in! The Richmond model scene is about to be put on the map!

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