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Tony Veloz takes Chicago!

Way back in July, we had the pleasure of hosting Tony Veloz in our Chicago office to shoot updates for some of our awesome midwest talent. Tony, along with the skilled hands of Krystyn Johnson on hair and makeup, knocked it out of the park. A great test goes a long way in this business, so we are incredibly grateful that Tony and Krystyn are pros – they made some amazingly clean and commercial images, and edgier fashion shots as well. Everyone was so great to work with and we had a blast! We couldn’t be happier with how these shoots turned out. Stay tuned for more on these folks – lots of things in the works!

Brian O

DSC_7517edit DSC_0854edit

Andrea B

DSC_7455edit DSC_7649edit

Ashley V

DSC_0572edit DSC_7246edit

Isaiah R

DSC_7579edit DSC_7612edit

Justice W

DSC_7328edit DSC_7385edit

Meghan K

DSC_6887edit DSC_6846edit

Melissa Z

DSC_7082edit DSC_7136edit

Skylar M
DSC_0411edit DSC_0494edit

Dani J – the winner of the #scoutmemodelogic Instagram contest


Taylor M


Kyle C



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Kathleen M by Tony Veloz

The summer is coming to an end, and our gorgeous Kathleen M is about to head up to New York to begin work with IMG. We are so, so excited for her and so proud of how much she’s grown in the past year. Recently, Tony Veloz tested Kathleen with the help of Dana Delaney, who happened to be in town from LA, and Kenni Ford. It was like the perfect storm of talent. Check out the images from their shoot below – so amazing.

Best of luck, Kathleen! Your Modelogic family loves you.


Stacie, Julia, Emily, and Jaime


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Julia N. Great booker/Great Model

If you have stopped in, or called the agency in the past couple of years, then you have had the pleasure to speak with MW booker Julia at some point.  Most of you know that she started out as a model, before joining the team as a booker.  Julia has been modeling for 11 years, has traveled extensively and is a favorite for many photographers and clients.  She is just one of those people that you want to be around. Beautiful, smart, FUNNY and she snorts when she laughs, so there’s that.

This past weekend Julia went up to DC to shoot with her bestie Tony Veloz and update her book.   Makeup by Liz Wegrzyn    Take a peek at the gorgeous results, and scroll all the way down to see the surprise that was waiting for her at the end of the shoot!


julia03 julia04 julia02 julia01 julia08



After a great shoot, the photographer lured Julia up to the roof of the studio and waiting for her there was…….

Her amazing boyfriend (now fiancé ) Luke, with flowers and a ring. He proceeded to get down on one knee and pop the question!

She said yes, and she probably snorted… 🙂


Congrats beautiful Julia!! We love you!


photo 2 photo 4


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New Face – Brad P

We love this recent test of new face Brad P with Tony Veloz. Doesn’t he have a Cole Mohr thing going on?

brad01 brad02 brad03 brad04 brad06

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Happy Birthday Tony!

For almost four years now, we have had the distinct pleasure of knowing and working with Tony Veloz. Tony is not only an incredibly talented photographer with an impeccable eye for fashion, but he is also a dear friend of ours. He is one of the kindest, funniest, most hardworking people that we have ever met and we are so glad that we have had the opportunity to work with him. His work is amazing and is featured in publications all over the world. Take a look at some of our favorite shots of his with Modelogic talent below!


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Melissa Britos gets wild with Tony Veloz

Don’t you love this color beauty story of Melissa?  Tony Veloz rocked it out as usual with help from the amazing Dana Delaney (Makeup) and Maurice Fains (Hair)  Feast your eyes…. 🙂

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Hallie H Update

Here is the rest of the lovely beauty test Hallie shot with Tony Veloz last month.  Makeup by Sidory Dan Perry
Hair by Kahlil Oliver.  So many good things going on here….I can’t even.


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Hallie H. Sneak Peek…

Heres a quick preview of the lastest from Hallie H. By our friend Tony Veloz.  Hair by Kahlil Oliver. Makeup by Sidory Dan Perry.

Watch this space for the rest of this stunning shoot!

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Kelane by Veloz

I just saw these gorgeous beauty shots of our girl Kelane by Tony Veloz and I LOVE them! The makeup , by DC artist Kim Reyes, is nothing short of spectacular.  It’s artists like Tony and Kim that make secondary market agencies look good and allow us to compete in bigger markets. Much thanks to both of them.. Now, feast your eyes!


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Double Take

Stunning beauty test of the Mervine Twins by the amazing Tony Veloz shot yesterday. This is what happens when a great team comes together!

Hair by Maurice Fains, Makeup by  Sidory Perry and Lashes provided by Eliza Blush. Huge thanks to Tony and the team for helping to develop Amy and Kim into great models.

Can’t wait!

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