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The Mervine Girls Excellent Adventure

Kim and Amy spent their spring breaks in NY with Click Models this month learning the ropes of the NY modeling world.  After a quick shopping spree at Target for every piece of black clothing we could buy the girls headed up with a smile on their face and books in hand.  They spent the week shooting with different photographers, getting comfortable in front of the lens and getting to know the team at Click.  Take a look at some of the new shots that just came in.. SO gorge!  A big thank you to Jules and all the wonderful people at Click for taking good care of our small town girls!

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Scouted… just not on TV

As promised, a post about some of the girls involved in Scouted that were not used in an episode this season.  Some of these girls were freshly scouted, some I had met a few months prior, but all are lovely and were gracious enough to let E! film them, their families and their journey into modeling.

First is Noelle.  She is an all american beauty with a dynamite smile and equally dynamite body.  The networked loved the fact that she is a small town girl (her family is from a town near Lynchburg) and that she thought of Richmond as “the city”.  Her mom and dad are terrific people and I thank them for allowing me to work with Noelle.  We are still working on getting her tested, and developing her look, so check back with the MW website to see her grow.  Shot below by Todd Wright.

Next is Emily.  Emily had a great story in that one of my fashion guys, Max, goes to school with her and scouted her for me. He showed me some polaroids of her and we brought her in.  A 5’11” equestrian with a great personality, we loved her immediately .  Luis Aragon tested her for us (see below) and she looks amazing, even in a first test.

Caroline  is another beautiful blonde.  With mile high legs she is clearly a runway girl.  The entire family has been friends of MW for a long time and we have watched Caroline grow into an gorgeous young woman.  Legs for days… crazy. This photo from a recent shoot in Miami. Although Caroline was not used in the show, you did see her on the promos looking adorable.

Bronwyn is another girl they spent time with in Richmond.  Tall, with  a Cheryl Teigs type of beauty, we expect her to be a great commercial girl and her bubbly personality is just a bonus. Shot by Todd Wright

What most of you dont know is that we were also planning on having some of our men on Scouted.  We had just scouted Alex when the  producers came to town, and they LOVED Alex, (who would’nt… see the shot below , done just this week by Tim Coburn) but in the end, the agency E! went with , One Model Management, does not have a men’s board, so they cut all the boys at the last minute.

It’s amazing to how much footage was taken and how much time went into this show, and how little actually ends up on air.  We love the way the show turned out, but I wanted to give some props to these great girls and boys too. Looking forward to next season!

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Scouted Finale – Well, that was fun!

Last night was the final episode of Scouted on E!  The season ended with both girls getting signed ( did you agree with Scott’s decision?) …an all around feel-good ending.

For those of you who have asked for updates, here’s the scoop on the girls we brought up for the show.  Amy & Kim Mervine, the twins from Virginia, are still modeling and building their portfolios. They have both booked work together and separately, and are becoming client favorites. After their episode, an agent from a top agency in NY called MW and asked to rep the girls in NY.  They are scheduled to be in NY last week of January.  As soon as the ink is dry on the contract, I’ll post who we signed them with.  Both girls will be working in NY, then looking at travel abroad for the summer.

Hallie H.  is a busy, busy girl. After her episode aired we were  swamped with calls from fashion photographers wanting to shoot her and she is taking advantage of the interest and building her book.  She will be meeting with agencies in NY in March and we are very confident she will sign with a top agency. After that the sky’s the limit for that girl . I am so proud of Hallie, finishing the commitment she made to her school and her parents before moving on to modeling. She is not only an amazing beauty, but has a wonderful character.   Stay tuned to see updates on her often, including some pretty spectacular shoots we have planned for her.

What some of you may not realize is that while E! was here filming me scout Richmond, they filmed the storys of many other girls.  I don’t know why some were featured on the show and some were not, that’ the network’s decision, but I do know that these other girls spent a good deal of time and energy being filmed for the show, and I’d like to introduce them too.

I will be doing a post on about 6 of those models tomorrow so you can meet them too!   Until then… !

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Twin Power

Black & White photo of the Mervine girls by Luis Aragon.  Hot . That is all.

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Easy, People!

Well that was a fun episode of Scouted! I knew Hallie was something special, but I had no idea how strongly people would react to the show.

The two main comments people made on twitter last night were:  1. Is Scott Lipps out of his mind?  and 2. Why is that girl not more enthusiastic?  I would do anything to be in that position!

I’ll take those one at a time.

1. Scott’s not nuts… he just has a type. All agents do. We build our boards according to what and who we gravitate towards as long as we think they are marketable.  Hallie just wasn’t Scott’s type of model, like Dani Stahl said.  But as I said. Thats okay… There are wonderful agencies in NY  and around the world who will love Hallie, believe in her, and invest in her career. Don’t worry about Hallie getting signed.  It’s a non issue.. just a matter of deciding the best home for her.

2. Hallie is a very cool girl. She is the definition of laid back and she’s not going to weep or jump up and down to get into the business. She’s an intelligent, well rounded girl.   That’s part of what is going to make clients love her.  She is the type of girl photographers will adore, because she is gorgeous, skilled, and just cool to be around.

So watch this blog and see what happens. I guarantee big things to come for this special girl.  We at MW are honored to be guiding her career and look forward to keeping you up to date!

Photos by Danny Christensen

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The Mervine Twins

Hope you all enjoyed the last episode of E!  I was seeing it for the first time too ( no sneak previews for the scouts )  and I thought it was a great, juicy episode.

Amy, Kim, Ma and I had a great time in NY and it was  a great experience for all.  They had never been to NYC before (or on a plane for that matter) and were blown away by the city. Meeting the team from The Scouting Company can be a scary thing, but the girls handled themselves beautifully with that Virginia charm.   Regardless of the show and all the drama, those two girls adore each other and both have huge hearts.  Sweetest girls ever.

Amy will be traveling to Europe this summer for some portfolio building and then will  go back to NY for agency placement, and Kim is meeting with me this week to discuss her future in this business. We have already had calls today from other NY agencies asking about the twins.  I look forward to a long, successful relationship with them both.

Shots below from  a beauty test with the wonderful  Tony Veloz.

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Scouted Episode #3… Do you agree?

On Scouted last night the two girls sent to NY were VERY different!  Amber was a newbie, and editorial for sure, not classically pretty but edgier .  Nicole was older but a more classic beauty with all american good looks and amazing body.  In the end, Amber was signed and Nicole was turned away. Fans took to twitter and most people were stunned at the decision.  Just goes to show you that its not always the conventional beauty that gets signed!  What did you think of Scott Lipps decision ?




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A Look Back

I was missing those long, hot days of summer today and decided to take a look at this spec shoot we did with Todd Wright this summer.  I believe it was about 100 degrees the day we shot this , but with the help of Todd’s eye for gorgeous light, and Jesalyn White’s makeup skills, the talent looked beautiful.  Dirty Richmond‘s Brian McDaniel and Marleigh Culver did an amazing job styling this shoot for Urban Outfitters. Models: Kayleigh Channing, Maxwell Runko and Christian Kypros. Enjoy a 60 second jump back to summer.



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Scouted Press Interview on WRIC Today!

Watch me “um” my way through a noon news interview here!  Looking forward to the premiere tonight!   10PM on E!

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