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Kathleen M. Stuns for Vogue Italia

I won’t lie… I’m spazzing out over this new editorial of our girl Kathleen just out in Vogue Italia.

Miami born photographer Vicki Forshee captures Kathleen’s ethereal beauty perfectly in this story on spring coats.  Wonderfully styled by Kusum Lynn, we are loving the mix of the “trashy” backdrop with the prim look of the outfits… Well done Ladies!

Full Credit List:
Photography: Viki Forshee @ Utopia
Styling: Kusum Lynn @ 1+1 mgmt
Prop Stylist: Chelsea Maruskin
Stylist asst: Andrew Reynolds/Elliot Soriano
Hair: Amy Farid @ Kate Ryan
Make up: Regina Harris
Model: Kathleen McGonigle @ Modelogic &  IMG models
Colorist: Lena Ott @ Suite Caroline

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 8.26.26 PM

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 8.26.10 PM Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 8.26.17 PM Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 8.26.37 PM Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 8.26.46 PM Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 8.26.55 PM

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Gabe Witmer by Matt Johnson

Our friend and model Gabe Witmer just shared these gorgeous shots with us today.  I love black and white stories (takes me back to my tri-x days in college) and this one is really lovely. Gabe is a busy man these days, traveling to bookings in and out of the US, you may recognize him from his many catalog clients   Thanks for sharing Gabe!

Shot by Matt Johnson in  Brentwood California – Styled by  Micah Bishop with Grooming by Tricia Turner .





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Booker becomes a Bride!

Julia here! It’s a little weird to write a blog post in the first person, but here I am! Two months ago, as I am sure many of the talent and clients that I email on a daily basis noticed: my name changed. All of my dreams came true and I became Mrs. Rabin! Woo!

We were very blessed to have so many supportive people involved in the planning and execution of our day… I could go on and on about how great everyone was to work with, but I think I will keep it short and sweet and let the pictures speak for themselves. We wanted our day to be about us: from the food (pizza, hot wings, a donut tower instead of a cake, candy, Redbull and craft beer) to the ceremony (we got married in James Madison’s greenhouse with all of the people we care about surrounding us – 360 degrees of love!) to the reception (good food and an insane dance party).

The art director of Virginia Living Magazine, who is one of my favorite clients to work with because of her kindness and class, was kind enough to pick up our wedding and it is featured in the latest issue (picture attached!) so go out and grab a copy!

If anyone is getting married in the near future, I would highly recommend all of the vendors listed below. All were so easy to work with, so kind, and made our day insanely special.

Photographer: Sam Hurd

Venue: Rassawek Vineyard

Makeup: Liz Wegrzyn

Hair: Ken Langston at JAK Salon

Donuts: Dixie Donuts

Dress/Groom’s Suit: J Crew

Veil: Bespoken by Stepha O’Brien

DJ: DJ WesternFront

Guitarist: James Moore

1501682_10151923886318106_1433795947_n 1560542_10151923886323106_137271036_n 1526635_10151923886308106_1766124745_n 1527024_10151923886743106_1910026887_n 1517667_10151923886618106_166856931_n 1525242_10151923887933106_2061303222_n 1524867_10151923888128106_1132306263_n 1545956_10151923888493106_485307629_n 1535532_10151923890598106_27171189_n 1545602_10151923890648106_1191493632_n 1546322_10151923890818106_1281475424_n 1010551_10151923891453106_1010608339_n 156892_10151923891663106_107487810_n 1601467_10151923891848106_91509865_n 1476430_10151923892923106_1746354108_n 1501787_10151923893318106_745231481_n 1186752_10151923893258106_216251447_n 1533932_10151923893403106_1618178835_n 1604443_10151923893638106_437380623_n 1512759_10151923893833106_783778321_n 1526382_10151923894218106_1256358726_n 1493121_10151923894448106_87519719_n 1497687_10151923894473106_2041130612_n 1484292_10151923894863106_1660570840_n 1557703_10151923894893106_1596496778_n 1476239_10151923895148106_783582137_n 1538786_10151923895743106_1479917899_n 1520705_10151923895928106_1024838816_n 1604749_10151923896408106_1546550810_n 1484722_10151923896603106_815328445_n 1525659_10151923896733106_1792191975_n 1513317_10151923897038106_1724168876_n 1507662_10151923897358106_1119089711_n 1526998_10151923897753106_454897859_n 1488647_10151923898108106_22764206_n 1526864_10151923898573106_1822758672_n 1557499_10151923898778106_42397934_n 1453409_10151923899293106_501884307_n 1176122_10151923899308106_677602122_n 1533721_10151923899418106_825218393_n 1512351_10151923899673106_328693178_n 1005937_10151923900263106_1647331737_n 1503900_10151923900493106_152984567_n 1527141_10151923901083106_84016116_n 1503370_10151923901358106_1900555207_n 1528513_10151923901248106_991693894_n 1525429_10151923901378106_1874494345_n 1526275_10151923901738106_1612632193_n 1545705_10151923901783106_135706694_n 1503942_10151923901818106_1593956527_n 1604756_10151923901928106_627539962_n 1499528_10151923902048106_1621440586_n 1535624_10151923902298106_266656348_n 1507569_10151923902363106_604088092_n 1525265_10151923902338106_1687448206_n 1601589_10151923902453106_259690971_n 1513220_10151923902608106_194890645_n 1557571_10151923903263106_1859969618_n 1513245_10151923903693106_1366998412_n 1554469_10151923904118106_634729788_n 1546022_10151923904218106_2128590615_n 1526381_10151923904263106_602728458_n 1604506_10151923904568106_1339652241_n 1502479_10151923905238106_426705565_n 1514317_10151923905533106_965705286_n 1545096_10151923906393106_1690268510_n 1601002_10151923907548106_1644581619_n 1536676_10151923908718106_1870915020_n 1496679_10151923908903106_1727164706_n 1512623_10151923909058106_617119825_n 1601323_10151923909173106_1918688728_n 1491720_10151923909563106_1410403589_n 1512444_10151923909713106_533781513_n 1559657_10151923910553106_1907761536_n 1512712_10151923914498106_1731173938_n 1528571_10151923915148106_1425618967_n 1504958_10151923915558106_93714648_n 1526591_10151923915933106_208734965_n 1560502_10151923917118106_1058083704_n 1558416_10151923916863106_208076295_n 1513334_10151923918233106_436999590_n 1522066_10151923918948106_1405996600_n 1460953_10151923920043106_956897905_n 1530454_10151923920193106_32255580_n 1525534_10151923921643106_520058289_n 1484717_10151923921868106_481469455_n 1493112_10151923922448106_870070862_n 1560764_10151923923028106_699168980_nPicture 4 Picture 3

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Melanie B for The Georgetowner

This month’s issue of The Georgetowner features our beautiful Melanie B. We love the dark sophistication of this editorial; the styling and makeup really bring a moody, wintery feel to the spread. Photos by the always-amazing Oriana Layendecker, styling by Aaron Bernstein, and makeup by Marie Jilson.

MelanieEdit_MG_1504 Picture 96MelanieEdit_MG_1567-1

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Update on the amazing Kathleen

Our beautiful Kathleen has been staying busy in NYC with IMG Models. She’s been working on her book, on her body, and on having a blast! Check out some of her gorgeous new shots below. We couldn’t be happier with how her development is going. Makes you not want to stuff yourself on Thanksgiving, am I right? You’re an inspiration to us all, Kat!

Screen shot 2013-11-26 at 1.23.28 PM Screen shot 2013-11-26 at 1.23.54 PM Screen shot 2013-11-26 at 1.24.32 PM Screen shot 2013-11-26 at 1.25.48 PM Screen shot 2013-11-26 at 1.26.03 PM Screen shot 2013-11-26 at 1.26.20 PM Screen shot 2013-11-26 at 1.26.46 PM Screen shot 2013-11-26 at 1.27.01 PM kathleen_001 kathleen_002 kathleen_004 Kathleen01Kathleen02Kathleen03Kathleen04

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Maxwell R for Base Magazine by Easton Schirra

Check out these killer shots of Maxwell R for Base Magazine! Easton Schirra is one of our faves – besides being an incredibly handsome model himself, he’s also insanely skilled behind the lens. The styling from Delcey Fleming and hair and makeup by Selda Cortes really make this editorial pop.


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Hallie for Distinction Magazine

We love our friends at Distinction Magazine. They have an amazing eye for fashion and beauty and continue to strive to bring that vision to Virginia. Their latest issue doesn’t disappoint! Featuring our own Hallie Hutchinson on the cover and interior spread, as well as the talented Todd Wright on photography, Neely Dykshorn on styling, and Melissa Schwartz Jones on hair and makeup – this issue is a class act. Pick up your copy today!

1460209_687659907919475_1481128812_n DSC_8889FinalCMYK DSC_8192FinalCMYK DSC_8799FinalCMYK DSC_8081FinalCMYK DSC_8287FinalCMYK DSC_8431FinalCMYK DSC_7973FinalCMYK DSC_8664FinalCMYK

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New Shots of Rebecca T by Paige Craig

One of our fav girls in Chicago, the gorgeous Rebecca T,  just sent these new lingerie shots and we love them!  Shot by Paige Craig  a great fashion and beauty photographer in LA that never disappoints.  Heres 3 of the 987 reasons we love Rebecca.

1. THE sweetest person.

2.100% professional at all times.

3. Curves, curves, curves.

Okay , thats 5 reasons… but all good ones.  Have a gander at these beautiful shots and let us know what you think!

bt1 bt3 rebeccabluePC RebeccaBW




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Happy Halloween from Modelogic!!

A little spooky fashion spread for all you monsters out there.  The lovely Elizabeth N. giving some all hallows eve attitude for Allison Korth Photography. Elizabeth braved all the ghosts at the  Calvary Cemetery in Wisconsin to bring us a sweet treat today.   Thanks to Dan  from our Chicago office for sending our way.
Be safe out there tonight everyone!  And don’t forget to say “Trick or Treat”  🙂Korth_Elizabeth (2)Korth_Elizabeth (6) Korth_Elizabeth (7) Korth_Elizabeth (10)


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Check out these amazing shots by our friends in Chicago, Kris Lou and Erik Robert.  We love working with them and how they  always put a cool twist on kids shooting.  And those faces!!  It doesn’t get much better than our little blondie, Havah,  and the stunning Taylor.  It looks like the only agency with a stronger kids board than Modelogic [Wilhelmina] might be Modelogic [Midwest]. There’s nothing wrong with a little inter-agency competition right?

IMG_4112 IMG_4148 IMG_3435 IMG_3411 IMG_3123 IMG_3027 IMG_4572 IMG_4591 IMG_4503 IMG_4625 IMG_4287

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