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Easy, People!

Well that was a fun episode of Scouted! I knew Hallie was something special, but I had no idea how strongly people would react to the show.

The two main comments people made on twitter last night were:  1. Is Scott Lipps out of his mind?  and 2. Why is that girl not more enthusiastic?  I would do anything to be in that position!

I’ll take those one at a time.

1. Scott’s not nuts… he just has a type. All agents do. We build our boards according to what and who we gravitate towards as long as we think they are marketable.  Hallie just wasn’t Scott’s type of model, like Dani Stahl said.  But as I said. Thats okay… There are wonderful agencies in NY  and around the world who will love Hallie, believe in her, and invest in her career. Don’t worry about Hallie getting signed.  It’s a non issue.. just a matter of deciding the best home for her.

2. Hallie is a very cool girl. She is the definition of laid back and she’s not going to weep or jump up and down to get into the business. She’s an intelligent, well rounded girl.   That’s part of what is going to make clients love her.  She is the type of girl photographers will adore, because she is gorgeous, skilled, and just cool to be around.

So watch this blog and see what happens. I guarantee big things to come for this special girl.  We at MW are honored to be guiding her career and look forward to keeping you up to date!

Photos by Danny Christensen

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