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Hallie H for Brides Magazine

Check out the April/May 2013 edition of Brides Magazine out now – our beautiful Hallie H has a gorgeous spread inside. Photographed by Sandra Freij, the Downton Abbey themed spread aptly titled “English Rose” is sure to warm you up on this beautiful April morning.

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The Mervine Girls Excellent Adventure

Kim and Amy spent their spring breaks in NY with Click Models this month learning the ropes of the NY modeling world.  After a quick shopping spree at Target for every piece of black clothing we could buy the girls headed up with a smile on their face and books in hand.  They spent the week shooting with different photographers, getting comfortable in front of the lens and getting to know the team at Click.  Take a look at some of the new shots that just came in.. SO gorge!  A big thank you to Jules and all the wonderful people at Click for taking good care of our small town girls!

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Now Representing: Amy Lemons !

15 years ago, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting and becoming mother agent to Amy Lemons. By far the most successful model MW has ever found , Amy’s  career started with shooting the cover of Italian Vogue with Steven Meisel, (not bad for a 14 year old who just got her braces off)  and continued with covers for Elle, Harpers Bazaar, Marie Claire and major campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Jill Sander and Louis Vuitton to name a few. At the height of her success, Amy decided to take a hiatus to explore acting and earn her degree from UCLA.

Back on the east coast now, splitting her time between her home in Virginia and NY, Amy’s career is back in full swing. We  are  so pleased to be helping her navigate this new exciting phase of her career.  Today, Amy is an in-demand  model,  spokeswoman and advocate for young women concerning body image and healthy self esteem issues.

As founder of the newly launched Model Alliance, with Sara Ziff and Coco Rocha,  Amy  speaks out about the model industry’s zero-size standard , and her struggles trying to remain confident in an industry that can be very unforgiving if you don’t fit into the  “mold”.  You can read that article here.

We couldn’t be happier to be working with Amy again (and her wonderful family) and we can guarantee that big things are in store!

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Freshly Scouted!

Found this gem on Models.com last month and she finally came in to meet today.  I LOVE when the girl walks in the door and looks as good or better than they did when you scouted them. Dominique is her name. Absolutely lovely girl (her mom was too)  and she has the height for fashion.  Love when all the pieces are there.

Watch this space to see what we do together… its gonna be good!



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The Mervine Twins

Hope you all enjoyed the last episode of E!  I was seeing it for the first time too ( no sneak previews for the scouts )  and I thought it was a great, juicy episode.

Amy, Kim, Ma and I had a great time in NY and it was  a great experience for all.  They had never been to NYC before (or on a plane for that matter) and were blown away by the city. Meeting the team from The Scouting Company can be a scary thing, but the girls handled themselves beautifully with that Virginia charm.   Regardless of the show and all the drama, those two girls adore each other and both have huge hearts.  Sweetest girls ever.

Amy will be traveling to Europe this summer for some portfolio building and then will  go back to NY for agency placement, and Kim is meeting with me this week to discuss her future in this business. We have already had calls today from other NY agencies asking about the twins.  I look forward to a long, successful relationship with them both.

Shots below from  a beauty test with the wonderful  Tony Veloz.

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Scouted Episode #3… Do you agree?

On Scouted last night the two girls sent to NY were VERY different!  Amber was a newbie, and editorial for sure, not classically pretty but edgier .  Nicole was older but a more classic beauty with all american good looks and amazing body.  In the end, Amber was signed and Nicole was turned away. Fans took to twitter and most people were stunned at the decision.  Just goes to show you that its not always the conventional beauty that gets signed!  What did you think of Scott Lipps decision ?




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Scouted Press Interview on WRIC Today!

Watch me “um” my way through a noon news interview here!  Looking forward to the premiere tonight!   10PM on E!

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Double Take

Stunning beauty test of the Mervine Twins by the amazing Tony Veloz shot yesterday. This is what happens when a great team comes together!

Hair by Maurice Fains, Makeup by  Sidory Perry and Lashes provided by Eliza Blush. Huge thanks to Tony and the team for helping to develop Amy and Kim into great models.

Can’t wait!

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