L1050070I had the pleasure of attending the 2013 VCU fashion show tonight. Named Catalyst, defined as,  “an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action”  the show included student designs for day dresses, menswear, swimwear and more.

One talented designer, Sarah Brown, wowed with her collection ,  “Pregknit” of  maternity clothes.  Easy silhouettes in deep plums and mauves, with fantastic knit shrugs would be a welcome addition to any womans wardrobe, pregnant or not! 

Another standout was designer Grace Hazelgrove. Her collection, inspired by her time spent in Guinea, West Africa included bold colors and patterns and the entire collection was beautifully constructed.  All the garments were not only beautiful to look at , but beautifully tailored and sewn.

Jennifer Gray, the Critics Choice Winner sent some gorgeous clothes down the runway. Inspired by the celebration of life and the female form,  her graphic corset bustier and  formfitting color block dress with cutout detailing were favs.

Take a look at some of the fabulous clothes, included a video of the finale for your viewing pleasure.

A big thank you to the VCU fashion department for the invitation to the show and for always sending us the best interns  over the years. What a wonderful, talented group of people!

L1050037 L1050043L1050091L1050094


L1050101 L1050130 L1050162 L1050177 L1050179 L1050187

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