Hallie H. Update

I’ve had a few people asking to see more on Hallie from Scouted and what she is up to.  Since the show, Hallie has finished her first year at art school and taken some time to model full time.  She is in NY, and in demand. Working, testing, building her career, with the help of the great agents at Request Models.  We always knew Hallie would be successful in this business, with her striking looks, laid back personality and determination.  She is one to watch!

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2 thoughts on “Hallie H. Update

  1. Well, i watched her on E! scouted. She is totally amazing, i do support her either her carreer as a model and her art-studying. I am from Indonesia and i obviously starting to become her fans. Regards

  2. Maria Ximena says:

    Hallie is beutiful, she’s a great model she know how make a great photography.
    I think that she has a lot of potencial in the industry. Regards

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