Amy Lemons is Beautiful In Charlottesville

Last week I had the pleasure of joining Amy Lemons and Todd Wright for a quick photo shoot in Charlottesville at the lovely Pippin Hill Vineyard.  After a slight, unintended, detour down a very long country road we mistakenly took, we finally found the Vineyard where Amy was having her hair and makeup done by Lora Kelley.  The purpose of the shoot was to get some good clean lifestyle and catalog images for Amy’s book, so we scouted the grounds and found some great, natural backdrops.

We had a great time shooting , it’s really effortless with a pro like Amy, and Todd captured the exact feeling we needed for her book.  Check out the results of a very production afternoon below.

Wardrobe provided by our friends at Bittersweet. Jewelry by Bittersweet and Karyn Shonk Designs.

And if you ever have the chance to visit Pippin Hill for a wine tasting,  go!  Its heaven out there and they have a great selection of Virginia wines and some tasty small plates.

Great day all around!


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