Hallie H in St Pucchi Couture

Loving this editorial of Hallie H from  Scouted shot by Todd Wright in Richmond. Shot at Candela Gallery  and Books on Broad Street Hallie is a work of art on display. So Pretty!

Many, many thanks to the people at St. Pucchi for sending us the absolutely stunning gowns,  and Saks Fifth Avenue for supplying the St John suit in Julia’s cameo.

Also, check out the ah-may-zing jewelry Hallie is wearing.  Parisian Jewelry designer Isabelle K provided a spectacular array of  jewelry for us.  Visit their site here for details.

So many talented people worked on this gorgeous spread so let me give them all a huge thanks and a shout out!

Make up: Lisa Carter McPhee  /   Hair: Kahlil Oliver  /  Stylist: Molly Todd /   Assist.: Adam Lacy / Assist: Anya Colucci / Assist: Rebecca Ott

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2 thoughts on “Hallie H in St Pucchi Couture

  1. Karyn says:

    The photos are so gorgeous, Vogue-worthy and the dresses are so beautiful! Nice job!

  2. Bianca says:

    Looked like a goddess of love

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