VCU Fashion Gearing Up For Raw

Tonight I had the pleasure of attending the VCU Fashion Media Night to hear all about the upcoming annual juried fashion show, this year entitled RAW.

Interim Chair Donna Reamy, accompanied by professor Deidra Arrington , introduced us to 3 of the designers we will be seeing on the runway.

Brittany James showed us an amazing menswear look from the Hip Hop segment that included some very hot corduroy jodhpurs.  Krystal Vaquerano a junior at VCU this year, showed us a sweet dressy day  dress she is hoping will be placed in the show after the pieces are juried. And  Jasmine Harrison talked about her harness back cocktail dress, and her fondness for studs (See photo, totally hot)

Take a look at the illustrations some students did this semester (below).  VCU was honored to have members of Diane Von Furstenberg’s team meet with the illustration students for a day long critique of their patterns and sketches. I alway considered fashion sketches high art and these students are doing some amazing work in that arena of fashion design.

Something else I learned is that a great MW client , Charles Luck, who we posted about here, partnered with VCU for the evening wear segment of the show, sponsoring the fabric.  I love that Luckstone, a wonderful  Richmond company, is giving back.

The VCU Annual Juried Fashion Show takes place  Sunday, May 6, at 7:30 p.m. at the Louise B. and J. Harwood Cochrane Atrium at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.  This show is straight up the best night of fashion in Richmond every year, and it always sells out, so don’t miss out. Tickets go on sale April 2nd .  More info  here. 

See you May 6th!

VCU Fashion Student Jasmine Harrison adds some personal flair to her cocktail look. (and i want her jacket)

Junior Krystal Vaquerano talks about her design process.

I would totally hang these in my house. Love.

VCU professor Deidra Arrington with students Taylor Wilhelm, Courtney Elliot and  MW intern Zach Stephens!

Brittany James with her menswear look.  Love those trousers.

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