Now Representing: Amy Lemons !

15 years ago, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting and becoming mother agent to Amy Lemons. By far the most successful model MW has ever found , Amy’s  career started with shooting the cover of Italian Vogue with Steven Meisel, (not bad for a 14 year old who just got her braces off)  and continued with covers for Elle, Harpers Bazaar, Marie Claire and major campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Jill Sander and Louis Vuitton to name a few. At the height of her success, Amy decided to take a hiatus to explore acting and earn her degree from UCLA.

Back on the east coast now, splitting her time between her home in Virginia and NY, Amy’s career is back in full swing. We  are  so pleased to be helping her navigate this new exciting phase of her career.  Today, Amy is an in-demand  model,  spokeswoman and advocate for young women concerning body image and healthy self esteem issues.

As founder of the newly launched Model Alliance, with Sara Ziff and Coco Rocha,  Amy  speaks out about the model industry’s zero-size standard , and her struggles trying to remain confident in an industry that can be very unforgiving if you don’t fit into the  “mold”.  You can read that article here.

We couldn’t be happier to be working with Amy again (and her wonderful family) and we can guarantee that big things are in store!

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5 thoughts on “Now Representing: Amy Lemons !

  1. Monica True says:

    she is gorgeous just the way she is!

  2. Great article and blog post! I had always wondered about how Amy got started…read about her in Richmond magazine years ago and did not save the magazine. It’s so great that the “hometown” girl is speaking up about the RIDICULOUS standard for female height, weight, and shape. Who do they think buys these expensive clothes these women model anyway? Rich women…and I doubt many of them are six feet tall with a 22 inch waist.

  3. […] Susan H at the tender age of 16, about the same time we met Amy Lemons, who we introduced to you here.   After some testing and working locally while she finished high school, Susan was signed with a […]

  4. tinad615 says:

    She is beautiful in every photograph and looks both healthy AND happy! Go Amy!

  5. LLB says:

    How about an update on Amy? Love to see what she’s been doing lately.

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