Freshly Scouted – Kathryn B

Say hello to new face Kathryn B of Green Bay WI.   Director of New Faces for MW, Brandis Ohlsson, decided to hold an open call for children last month to keep our kids board fresh.  Sometimes we will partner with a children’s related business to spread the word of the open call. This time  the call was hosted by Aymee Balison owner of  Sweetpeas in Green Bay.  While Brandis was meeting children she noticed a tall, gorgeous girl, who turned out to be Aymee’s daughter , Kathryn.  At 14 and 5’11” and with that angelic face we signed her to an exclusive contract and are in the process of development.  What you see below is her first test ever…( amazing) …. shot by Chicago photographer Meredith Morton  with hair and makeup by Kerre Berry.  Love this girl!

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7 thoughts on “Freshly Scouted – Kathryn B

  1. Jonni says:

    Amazingly Beautiful!!! Stunning!!

  2. ewaangelica says:

    WOW 5’11 at age 14. She is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  3. JoAnn says:

    She is an absolutely beautiful girl! And a darn nice one too!

  4. Wendy W. Lemkuil says:

    Wow! She will go far! What a Beauty!

  5. Susan Martynuska says:

    She’s stunning, breathtaking and MY GRANDAUGHTER!! Gramdma Susan

  6. […] out these new shots of Kathryn, from our midwest office… We first introduced you to her here when Brandis scouted her at her mother’s store in Green Bay.  Photo by Richard Winslow. […]

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