Scouted… just not on TV

As promised, a post about some of the girls involved in Scouted that were not used in an episode this season.  Some of these girls were freshly scouted, some I had met a few months prior, but all are lovely and were gracious enough to let E! film them, their families and their journey into modeling.

First is Noelle.  She is an all american beauty with a dynamite smile and equally dynamite body.  The networked loved the fact that she is a small town girl (her family is from a town near Lynchburg) and that she thought of Richmond as “the city”.  Her mom and dad are terrific people and I thank them for allowing me to work with Noelle.  We are still working on getting her tested, and developing her look, so check back with the MW website to see her grow.  Shot below by Todd Wright.

Next is Emily.  Emily had a great story in that one of my fashion guys, Max, goes to school with her and scouted her for me. He showed me some polaroids of her and we brought her in.  A 5’11” equestrian with a great personality, we loved her immediately .  Luis Aragon tested her for us (see below) and she looks amazing, even in a first test.

Caroline  is another beautiful blonde.  With mile high legs she is clearly a runway girl.  The entire family has been friends of MW for a long time and we have watched Caroline grow into an gorgeous young woman.  Legs for days… crazy. This photo from a recent shoot in Miami. Although Caroline was not used in the show, you did see her on the promos looking adorable.

Bronwyn is another girl they spent time with in Richmond.  Tall, with  a Cheryl Teigs type of beauty, we expect her to be a great commercial girl and her bubbly personality is just a bonus. Shot by Todd Wright

What most of you dont know is that we were also planning on having some of our men on Scouted.  We had just scouted Alex when the  producers came to town, and they LOVED Alex, (who would’nt… see the shot below , done just this week by Tim Coburn) but in the end, the agency E! went with , One Model Management, does not have a men’s board, so they cut all the boys at the last minute.

It’s amazing to how much footage was taken and how much time went into this show, and how little actually ends up on air.  We love the way the show turned out, but I wanted to give some props to these great girls and boys too. Looking forward to next season!

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4 thoughts on “Scouted… just not on TV

  1. Luis Barreto says:

    Great work with the follow up Stacie. As a producer/director out in the field, I found these kids and their trusting parents to be some of the nicest people I have ever worked with… Wonder if it’s that tasty Virginia water? Even higher props must be extended to those at WM, from Stacie on down, for their tireless support and unlimited patience. Hope we can do it again next season!!!

  2. Chanel Courtney says:

    Congrats to all! Everyone is fantastic. Best of luck in their careers!

  3. […] out these new shots of Noelle S, our small town girl from Lynchburg  that we posted about here when she worked on […]

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