Scouted Finale – Well, that was fun!

Last night was the final episode of Scouted on E!  The season ended with both girls getting signed ( did you agree with Scott’s decision?) …an all around feel-good ending.

For those of you who have asked for updates, here’s the scoop on the girls we brought up for the show.  Amy & Kim Mervine, the twins from Virginia, are still modeling and building their portfolios. They have both booked work together and separately, and are becoming client favorites. After their episode, an agent from a top agency in NY called MW and asked to rep the girls in NY.  They are scheduled to be in NY last week of January.  As soon as the ink is dry on the contract, I’ll post who we signed them with.  Both girls will be working in NY, then looking at travel abroad for the summer.

Hallie H.  is a busy, busy girl. After her episode aired we were  swamped with calls from fashion photographers wanting to shoot her and she is taking advantage of the interest and building her book.  She will be meeting with agencies in NY in March and we are very confident she will sign with a top agency. After that the sky’s the limit for that girl . I am so proud of Hallie, finishing the commitment she made to her school and her parents before moving on to modeling. She is not only an amazing beauty, but has a wonderful character.   Stay tuned to see updates on her often, including some pretty spectacular shoots we have planned for her.

What some of you may not realize is that while E! was here filming me scout Richmond, they filmed the storys of many other girls.  I don’t know why some were featured on the show and some were not, that’ the network’s decision, but I do know that these other girls spent a good deal of time and energy being filmed for the show, and I’d like to introduce them too.

I will be doing a post on about 6 of those models tomorrow so you can meet them too!   Until then… !

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