The Mervine Twins

Hope you all enjoyed the last episode of E!  I was seeing it for the first time too ( no sneak previews for the scouts )  and I thought it was a great, juicy episode.

Amy, Kim, Ma and I had a great time in NY and it was  a great experience for all.  They had never been to NYC before (or on a plane for that matter) and were blown away by the city. Meeting the team from The Scouting Company can be a scary thing, but the girls handled themselves beautifully with that Virginia charm.   Regardless of the show and all the drama, those two girls adore each other and both have huge hearts.  Sweetest girls ever.

Amy will be traveling to Europe this summer for some portfolio building and then will  go back to NY for agency placement, and Kim is meeting with me this week to discuss her future in this business. We have already had calls today from other NY agencies asking about the twins.  I look forward to a long, successful relationship with them both.

Shots below from  a beauty test with the wonderful  Tony Veloz.

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