Richmond Bride with E!’s Scouted Mervine Twins

Just a quick reposting of the Mervine Twins Richmond Bride post… As many of you know, the girls were featured on Scouted on E! last night and looked gorgeous!  What a nice surprise at the end of the episode that they showed some of the images from this editorial .  I will have more thoughts on the episode later in day, but for now….


I had the pleasure of working with photographer Todd Wright on the new Richmond Bride.  The models, Amy and Kim Mervine, are new to us at MW.  We found Amy first, only to find out she has a gorgeous twin sister. Both girls were interested in modeling and  all of it unfolded  with the cameras rolling as E! followed their  story of being “scouted”  Here are the beautiful shots from the magazine, out today. Be sure to look for the girls and hear their story mid season on Scouted.  Special thanks to Warrington, who provides some very nice arm candy for the ladies 🙂

3 thoughts on “Richmond Bride with E!’s Scouted Mervine Twins

  1. tinad615 says:

    Stunning! My co-worker, Herbert Jones (Nordstrom Beauty Expert) did this makeup…I am so impressed by his work and the models, styling, venue and photography are all beautiful!

  2. Zitoun says:

    I am so glad to see Kim and Amy growing in modeling. Good luck to you girls!!

  3. Tom Mervine says:

    They have the Mervine eyes alright! Runs in the Mervine linage.

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