One of my favorite parts of this job is when we get to send models around the world. You can’t imagine how great it feels to call a model up and let them know they are going to Singapore or Milan or Turkey for a few months.  I consider it a privilege  to play a part in the model’s  “growing up”.  And thats exactly  what happens.  Traveling around the world, seeing how others live, experiencing other cultures, changes you , for sure. I love when a 19 year old model who has grown up in the suburbs of Virginia, comes back from a few months abroad and they are somehow different, more mature, and sure of themselves.  It’s a great experience to be able to provide.

We have sent models to Milan, Paris, Singapore, Seoul, Several Chinese cities, South Africa, London, Germany, and more.  They have gotten tremendous experience, built their books, expanded their horizons and the bonus is… even though I stay at my little office in Church Hill… I get to live vicariously through them with the pictures and stories they bring home.

Here are a few images of our models that have been shot in these various markets.  Ciao!

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